Plan Your Kitchen

You can begin the creative process today!

Here are some great kitchen planning questions to get you started:



  • Where do you prefer your main eating area to be?
  • Are you willing to entertain optional ideas?
  • Do you entertain frequently? If so do you require storage for alcohol beverages?
  • Do you need pantry storage in the kitchen?
  • What are some other functions you would like to accommodate in your new kitchen? i.e. computer center, bill paying, crafts, watching TV, etc.


  • Is there more than one cook in the family?
  • Is the primary cook left or right handed?
  • Are there any physical limitations to be considered?
  • Is your kitchen environment one where family and friends are welcome to assist with meal preparation?


  • What color preferences are you considering for your new cabinetry?
  • What is your style preference? i.e. contemporary, formal, country, traditional
  • Have you collected some notes, photos, magazine and design ideas, if necessary?
  • Are you keeping your existing appliances or replacing them?
  • What do you like and dislike about your current kitchen and if the space could be improved by a structural change, would you be willing to consider that option?


  • When would you like to begin?
  • When would you like your project to be completed?
  • If you are building, is the kitchen part of your contract?
  • Do you have a budget you would like us to work with?

Are you ready to move to the next step? We have years of dream kitchen design and planning experience and would be glad to provide you with a no-obligation consultation!